Inmate Communications

ICS Corrections, Inc. offers a complete suite of communications systems designed with security and investigative needs in mind. From inmate calling, to video visitation, to messaging options, ICS Corrections has the right communication solutions for your facility. Depending on your Correctional Facility's needs, optional products and capabilities shown below can be provided.

inmate calling system graphic

Inmate Calling Systems

ICS Corrections leverages a nationwide fiber network and IT expertise to provide a reliable Inmate Phone System that is easy to use and has a broad range of features for administrative and investigative needs.

video visitation graphic

Video Visitation

Integrated with the ICS Corrections Inmate Telephone System and provides scheduled visits for on-site and remote visitation.

voicemail e-messaging graphic

Secure Voicemail, E-mail, and SMS

Providing multiple communication methods for inmates and friends and family to stay connected.

commissary order management graphic

Commissary Order Management

Experience integrating with a variety of commissary providers for commissary ordering by phone, kiosk and tablets.

kiosk services graphic

Kiosk Services

Lobby kiosks and multi-functional kiosks for housing units to enable video visitation, secure VRS, and other applications to improve operational efficiency.

automatic information by phone IVR graphic

Automated Information by Phone

Reduce staff time responding to inmate requests and inquiries from the public by utilizing extensive IVR capabilities and ITS communication features.

Grievance form processing graphic

Grievance Forms

Reduce paper forms and enhance tracking capabilities with a kiosk/tablet grievance form process.